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  Case Submission
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Please send us the interesting cases you would like to share with other members.
We recommend that the cases be submitted DOC(MS-Word).

  Case Presentation 일정 [ 6/9 14:00~15:30, 7분 발표, 8분 Q&A ]
  Case 우승 발표자에게는 상금을 지급할 예정입니다.
  접수기간 : 2017년 5월 26일(금요일) 까지
  기타문의 : 메일(, 전화(02-3144-2227)
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* Name
* Hospital / Apparatus
* Phone
* Email
* Subject
* Lecture Title
* Curriculum Vitae Only MS Office Word (Limited to 20MB)
Abstract Only MS Office Word (Limited to 20MB)

If the file size is large, you can send us the file as below.

E-mail You can send the case file via e-mail as below.
Mail You can send the case file as a CD to us, If the volume is too big to send by e-mail.
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