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It is our great pleasure to inform you that the 8th Complex Cardiovascular Intervention 2021 (CCI 2021) will be held from Oct 29-30 at the Sejong University Convention Center Daeyang AI Hall, Seoul, Korea.

Since June, 2011, the regular CCI program has been conducted at the Cardiovascular Center, Korea University Guro Hospital, Seoul, Korea every Tuesday. As a result, over 90 of young practitioners, interventionists and researchers from different Korean and international centers joined this creative joint intervention and research activities on regular or non-regular basis.

Now we held annual Two-days meeting of complex coronary and peripheral intervention focused on newer devices & fine techniques not published nor reported up to date.

Meeting will be held during Oct 29~30

Day 1 (October 29, Fri)
08:30-10:10 Session I. Complex Coronary Non-CTO
10:20-12:30 Session II. Complex Coronary CTO
12:30-13:15 Luncheon Symposium
13:30-15:10 Session III. Complex Aortic Disease
15:30-17:40 Session IV. Complex Lower Extremity Disease

Day 2 (October 30, Sat)
07:30-08:30 Special non-coronary intervention session
08:30-09:45 Session I. Complex Coronary Non-CTO Recorded Live Discussion
10:00-11:30 Session II. Complex Coronary CTO Recorded Live Discussion
11:30-12:30 Session III. R Live Review 2021 - Coronary
12:30-13:30 Luncheon Symposium
13:30-14:50 Session IV. PAD Recorded Live Discussion
15:00-15:45 Session V. R Live Review 2021 - Non Coronary
15:45-16:45 Session VI. CCI GURO LIVE 2020 REVIEW
16:45-18:15 Session VII. Case Discussions from Course Co-directors

These are the basic structure and focus is to give tips and tricks for complex intervention.

This meeting's concept is totally different with other usual international meeting or symposium, because Target audience is 'Young and Ambitious doctors from Global' and formal language is 'English'.

We also hope that this will be a good opportunity for you, a promising leader in the same field in your country, to obtain current knowledge and technique for this challenging field in a short period. We are looking forward to see you, soon.

Sincerely yours,